Who's Who


The Revd Dr Steven Sivyer 

Priest-in-Charge (Rector)

Apart from the years that he lived in London whilst studying at the Royal College of Music, Steven grew up and lived in Kent until becoming the Priest-in-Charge here at Martham in 2018.  Steven used to work in education as a teacher, Headteacher and advisor and he used to be a professional musician, playing the organ across Europe and the USA.  Steven has also worked for the Royal School of Church Music and used to be an examiner for them.  In his spare time Steven also enjoys playing golf.  He is married with two children.

Steven’s love of music and his journey of faith were often combined; his first spiritual encounter occurred whilst playing during a service and his playing led him to accompany services both in cathedrals and at Spring Harvest, a Christian gathering and conference in the UK.  Although Steven felt God call him to become a priest at the age of 14, he was not ordained until 2015.


The Revd Sandy Mitchell


Sandy has lived in Repps cum Bastwick for 33 years, moving here from London where she worked as a Nurse Tutor.  Sandy qualified as an air Traffic Controller in the WRAF before spending 27 years in the NHS. 

Sandy was persuaded by a friend, after many attempts on her part, to go an evening service at a large church in Hove.  She walked in determined not to enjoy it and not to engage with anyone.  Sandy recalls, “I walked out, having heard the good news of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. My life changed from that moment on. That was 53 years ago.”  Sandy was ordained in Norwich Cathedral in 2006 and have served in the Martham Benefice as a priest for 12 years.  Sandy says that, “There have been difficult times and wonderful times. Faith has been tested but never broken. Belief in God gives me purpose, hope in this life and in the life to come.”

Sandy’s hobbies include sailing, gardening and walking her dog.  She took up watercolour painting 5 years ago and this has now become her main hobby along with being an avid reader of historical novels and spy thrillers.


The Revd Howard Daubney


Howard trained for the priesthood whilst running a medium sized scientific manufacturing company as CEO.  He was ordained to the Parish of Rochester in Kent and subsequently became part-time Chaplain to The French Hospital - La Providence, an ancient Huguenot foundation providing sheltered accommodation in Rochester largely for people of Huguenot descent.  As well as running a professional five-piece ceilidh band and teaching music outside of the parish, Howard started after school clubs and summer seaside holidays for children who had sometimes never even seen the sea.  

A few years later, Howard moved to the other side of the River Medway when he was appointed as Vicar of St Francis of Assisi in Strood, where he remained until his retirement from full-time ministry in 2014.  During this time Howard oversaw a community project that helped people with literacy, numeracy, job applications, debt management and computer skills.  Howard continued his chaplaincy work at La Providence until the beginning of 2020 and will now enjoy living full time in Martham with his wife.  They share common interests in music, art, gardening and reading although any DIY is left to Howard.


Emma Sivyer 

Minister (Reader)

Emma was born and brought up near Canterbury in Kent, attending Sunday School and then singing in the church choir. A visit to a friend’s church at the age of 17 made everything that she had learnt and sung to that point click into place. She experienced the overwhelming love and grace of God and knew that the rest of her life was to be dedicated to serving him.

That journey has involved teaching in a secondary school, working for a professional teaching association, being a vocations officer, managing some of the church’s legal procedures for a diocese and now working for the Christian charity, Church Army managing their operations across the South of England.  Alongside working and, with Steven, raising her family, Emma trained as a Reader and was licensed in 2009. 

Emma has loved getting to know Norfolk since moving here in 2018. She enjoys music and plays Baritone with the Norfolk Broads Concert Band.  She also enjoys walking with her family, cooking and sharing meals with friends.


Alison McTaggart

Minister (Reader)

Alison is Australian born, who came to this country to train as a nurse and midwife.  She has lived in Repps for 32 years, having moved to Norfolk as a nurse teacher, primarily in continuing education, with management and interpersonal skills.

Alison is an active person: not only does she do woodcarving and run a boat, sailing on the Broads enjoying the history and wildlife, she has been a Church Warden at St Peter’s for 30 years, and was the Chairman of Repps Parish Council for 17 years.  Alison remarks, “When I moved to Repps, I became involved with both St Peter’s and the village, where I feel I have been able to serve in the community.  I do feel closest to God when I am sailing at sea, and the enormity of the sea and the smallness of my boat is evident.”  Alison time as a Church Warden included the periods between Rectors.  During this time Alison was asked to lead services and it was doing this that made her realise that she was also called to be a reader.  She was licensed in Norwich Cathedral in 2000.

Alison’s first memories of ‘Church’ was in the living room on her family’s sheep station with the fully robed Bishop of Willochra on one of his numerous pilgrimages to his scattered flock.  She later became involved with the youth club at her local church in Adelaide.  Alison’s Christian faith became increasingly important when she arrived in Britain in the early 70’s when she was away from the security of friends and family in Australia.





Ivy Eyre

Authorised Worship Assistant

Ivy grew up in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire, but moved to Norfolk with her husband and children in 1981.  Ivy has always been an avid reader, reading anything but her favourite literature are fantasy science fiction and Agatha Christie novels.  She has recently become a fan of Elly Griffiths and Kate Charles.

Ivy worked in the Inland Revenue for over 30 years, in Lancashire, Bedford and Great Yarmouth, and she became a shop-keeper in Rollesby during the early 1980’s.  However, the Civil Service drew her back into the HMRC until she retired in 2016.

Since retirement Ivy became Church Warden and, subsequently, an Authorised Worship Assistant.  She says that, “My faith is very important to me. I know that my Lord lives and cares for us and I want, in my imperfect way, to show that love to everyone.”

Ivy’s main passion in ministry is being involved in Open the Book both at Martham and Rollesby Primary schools where she participates in the story telling and in the making of props, costumes and backdrops.  Ivy explains, “Open the Book is so important to me because today’s children have such very little chance of hearing the Bible stories and learning about God.  Our story telling is often the only time that they can learn of the love of God.”


Jean Lindsay

Authorised Worship Assistant

Jean describes herself as a ‘Norfolk dumpling’ and most of her life has been spent in Clippesby; with her family, running firstly a horticultural nursery then an award-winning holiday park.  She was humbled to receive the BEM in 2017 and the Royal Maundy the following year.  She has a great love for her family and friends and enjoys sharing meals, reading, exploring the past, writing letters, singing mardling and her garden.

The Christian faith has always held a central place in Jean’s life.  Jean says that, “the glorious beauty and complexity of God’s awesome creation and His Church at Clippesby is dear to me.  God’s wonderful, faithful love for us, his creation, and my feeble love for Him is supremely important in my life and everything else flows from this.”  Jean has until recently been a Church Warden at St. Peter’s Church in Clippesby for over fifty years and during this time has collected memorabilia and oral memories relating to this with a view to putting them into a book.  Since stepping down as Church Warden, Jean has become an Authorised Worship Assistant so that she can continue serving in the ministry of the church.