Communion Service
18th October 2020
11:00- 12:30
This is a service which includes Holy Communion. Please note that there are a number of adaptions taking place during the pandemic to try and minimise the risk of spreading infections:

• Pews will be marked so that households and bubbles are at least two meters apart from each other
• There will be a one-way system for moving around the church
• You will be asked not to enter the porch if someone else is already in there
• There will be hand sanitizer before the door (in the porch) and before the toilet
• There will be paper towels and a bin in the toilet
• The collection will be at the back of the church with a contactless facility
• Service booklets and Benefice Bulletins will have been laid out by the priest wearing a shield, having sanitized his/herself for you to pick up at the back of the church and take to your place. You will be asked to leave your booklet in your place when you leave so that people will know where someone has sat prior to them.
• It will be a said service although some music may be played
• Only the priest will handle the setting up for communion having sanitized him/herself and whilst wearing a shield
• There will be no physical greetings at the peace outside of the household or bubble
• The bread will be received alone. The priest will be wearing a fluid protection visor and using tongs to distribute the bread.
• The priest will keep the bread covered (with a metal lid) until the communion is distributed
• There will be no refreshments available afterwards
• You will be asked to leave in the order of the back row first and the front row last


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